Guide to Diamond Shapes | Compare Diamond Cuts | by Corey Egan

Diamond Gemstones A graphic poster of a diamond / emerald in a beautiful green, turquoise colour. This poster works both as a splash of colour for interior design in neutral shades or with other nice colours. You can find more similar motifs in the Graphic category. Champagne Diamond from Argyle Mine, Australia. Champagne, cognac and chocolate diamonds have been heavily marketed since it was discovered that Argyle mine has mostly brown diamonds, which were previously only used for industrial purposes. It’s estimated there are a trillion carats of diamonds yet to be mined there. Diamond | ANTWERP HOSTS ITS 3RD ANNUAL DIAMOND TRADE FAIR 29-31 January 2012 Engagement Rings | Unique Black Diamond Engagement Ring – Natural Rose Cut Black Geometric Diamond Ring with Pavé Halo by Alexis Russell

. he Trouble with Lipstick – Best Lipstick #Beauty_Naturally #Top_Lipstick #Best_Pinned_Lipstick MoreAquamarine and diamond earrings by Margherita Burgener. Each foliate diamond surmount on suspends a pear-shaped aquamarine within a border of brilliant-cut diamonds. Via Diamonds in the Library. The 12.04-carat, round brilliant-cut “Martian Pink” diamond is certified by the GIA as a 12.04 carat diamond, fancy intense pink, natural color, VS1 clarity stone, with a supplementary report also from GIA, stating that the diamond is a pure type IIa, with virtually no nitrogen in its crystal structure. It sold for 17.4 million dollars at auction in Hong Kong on Tuesday, May 29, 2012. When the choice is size or beauty, Tiffany diamond cutters always choose beauty. #TiffanyPinterest #TiffanyWeddings Did you know that most gems occur in many different colors? Read our jewel-toned guide to select the stone that best suits you. Simon G.’s Proposal Prep School GIA 15.23 ct Natural Australian Opal Diamond 18k White Gold Estate Cocktail Ring